Services Provided by Doctors Weight Solutions

Img4.jpgBody Composition Analysis

Get a body fat analysis with the Tanita TBF 310 scale.

Measures your body composition using bio-electrical impedance analysis.

Click here to visit our Body Composition Analysis page.


Img5.jpgMedGem Resting Metabolic Rate Analyzer

What's your metabolic fingerprint? An accurate measurement of an individual's daily calorie burn is the basis for personalizing weight management, fitness and an overall health program.

Here is what you need to do to prepare for your MedGem test - MedGem Test Preparation



Massage Therapy

At this time, Massage Therapy is not currently offered as part of our program.

We will be sure to update this if we do begin offering it with our program again.


Individual Therapy

Our counselor, Susan Reintjes, is amazingly skilled and compassionate.

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Behavior Modification

Weekly behavior mod lessons and homework assignments - from the experts in the field.


Nutritional Education

A Diet Plan - not necessarily "dieting" - is an integral part of your weight loss program.

We have proven plans to help you attain the weight loss goals you have set for yourself