Natural Image

Natural Image is an energy and endurance formula that works as an appetite suppressant, and includes Chromium Polynicotinate and soluble fiber.  It is designed to promote optimal health.  Chromium is an essential trace mineral, required for insulin production, to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which keeps your sugar levels balanced between meals, so that you are less likely to snack.  It may also promote lean body mass and healthy cholesterol levels.  This product is synergistically designed to promote optimum health using natural ingredients.   

The Ingredients are Safe and Natural:

  •     Gum Karaya - Soluble Fiber.
  •     Guarana - High Energy Source.
  •     Bala Herb - Strengthens immunity.
  •     Korean ginseng - stimulates mental and physical vigor.
  •     Bee Pollen - Increases Stamina and prolonged  endurance.
  •     White Willow Bark - Helps insomnia, reduces pain and is an anti-inflammatory.
  •     Bladderwrack - contains natural iodine to promote a healthy thyroid.  It also stimulates blood circulation and eases obesity.
  •     Gotu Kola - Reduces high blood pressure, mental fatigue and senility.
  •     Licorice Root -  Gives increased stamina and prolonged endurance.
  •     Reishi Mushroom, Bitter Orange Peel - Helps problems such as allergies, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, liver diseases and many immune related diseases.
  •     Remannnia Root - Provides energy and helps strengthen immune system.
  •     Astragalus, Ginger Root  - Gives increased stamina and prolonged endurance.
  •     Guar Gum - Reduces cholesterol and prevents hardening of the arteries.



This internal cleanser is the first step to better health and vitality.  Cleanse promotes intestinal health by combining gentle cleansing herbs with natural fibers.  This product helps to flush out the body's toxins and waste and promotes better absorption of nutrients.  Cleanse is the natural way to assist the body's elimination process without the use of harsh, habit-forming laxatives.