Body Togs


BodyTogs Enhance the Caloric Burn.

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories each day than you consume.  The calories burned depend on both your level of activity and your body weight.  the more someone weighs, the more calories he or she burns during all activities.  Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is the name for calories a person burns through their activities of daily living.  BodyTogs add extra weight, evenly distributed on the lower arms and calves, so you can burn more calories during all of your daily activities.  You'll burn more calories while shopping, running errands, going to work, housecleaning, working in the yard, walking the dog.

What Are BodyTogs?

BodyTogs are weighted "sleeves" worn under clothing on the calves and forearms to increase the weight load.  A full set of arm and leg BodyTogs adds from six to seven pounds of weight, depending on size.  These extra pounds automatically increase the calories you burn throughout the day.  Whatever you do, BodyTogs turns it into a calorie-burning workout.  BodyTogs features an innovative "no-show" design that fits snugly and comfortably under loose clothing.  You can wear them everywhere - and no one needs to know!

How To Use BodyTogs.

Put on BodyTogs - Start To Take Off the Pounds.  Start by wearing BodyTogs for a few hours a day.  They're virtually undetectable under your regular clothing.  Gradually increase how long you wear Body Togs over the course of a week to about 8-12 hours a day to optimize effectiveness.  Continue with your healthy diet and regular exercise program - you can even wear BodyTogs while exercising.

Money Back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied, return BodyTogs in the original package within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.


BodyTogs were developed by Ayaz Virji, MD, as a means to enhance weight loss for his own patients.  Dr. Virji is a leader in Bariatric Medicine, specializing in weight management.  He is also my personal mentor.  He has written numerous articles in scientific journals.  Dr. Virji is currently performing research on increasing Non-Exercise Thermogenesis (NEAT) through the use of BodyTogs.

A message from Dr. Virji:

"The innovative design of BodyTogs has the potential to revolutionize the weight loss industry.  The design is practical for daily use, scientifically sound and very creative.  As a weight management expert, I strongly encourage innovations that combine progressive thinking and practicality to help my own patients.  BodyTogs do just that, in a way that eliminates chemicals, fancy equipment or fad dieting from the picture.  When combined with a sensible weight management program, BodyTogs are certain to enhance weight loss and overall body fitness in those motivated to lose excess weight."
Ayaz Virji, MD.