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Get help from a doctor who completely understands the struggle you are going through, a doctor who will not judge or embarrass you.  Get confidential, caring, and supportive medical care. Discover what a huge difference it makes, when a doctor helps you optimize your weight loss.

Dr. Patterson - Before...

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...and After!

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Well, not really "after", just "in the process" of getting healthier. 70 pounds and counting! 14 to go! Let me show you how!!!

My Story, My Motivation...

Unfortunately, when I went to medical school (in the late 70's/early 80's), it did NOT teach the science of weight control.  There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I've tried  just about every different fad diet there is (Adkins, grapefruit, Zone, South Beach, Weight Watchers, organic foods, Optifast, rigorous exercise, etc., etc.).  I lost weight on them all up to a point, and then couldn't get any further.  When I stopped, the weight just flew back on. Sometimes it seemed like I'd just wake up one morning and it was suddenly all back!!   Very discouraging!

Just as so many other Americans, I have struggled with my weight for the last twenty years.  This is a picture of me at my highest weight.  I have lost 70 pounds on my program, over 14 months (a pound a week, roughly).  Most of my patients are losing faster, since I have progressively added more components to the program.  But even a pound a week, which seems agonizingly slow, adds up!!  I am convinced, for the first time, that I can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  It just isn't that complicated, with the right information, support and supplements.    Weight control is 90 percent knowledge, and 10 percent effort.  What a change for most of us!  Wouldn't you like to only have to expend 10% effort, and have excellent, ongoing results?   It almost seems completely effortless to me sometimes.  And while you stay on this program, even the occasional error or let-down results in little to no weight gain - really!  The changes you make in your metabolism can insultate you against the big weight gains you've seen when you goof up on other diets.  We can even get you safely through the holidays.  And once you lose the right amount of weight for you, I'll help you maintain it!

Attending my first educational conference by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) changed my life.  The society offers advanced instruction in the science of metabolism, as it relates to weight management, nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, certain forms of cancer, and infertility.  ASBP stays on the cutting edge of the science, and provides resources to the physicians who participate that are not readily available to the general public, or even other practicing physicians.  I am proud to be a member physician of ASBP.  Many of these doctors are EXTREMELY impressive, ranging from purely scientific researchers to physicians who have practiced bariatrics in private practice for many years.  They are all dedicated to finding the solutions to this epidemic medical problem, and share their research and methods freely with physicians at the ASBP meetings twice a year.  It has made a dramatic change in my life, and I'd like to share it with every single person in my community who is struggling with their weight.

After 20+ years working as an Emergency Room physician, I felt the frustration of treating the repercussions of what became increasingly clear - an obesity epidemic.   The sickest people, in the most distress, were almost always extremely overweight.  The more weight a person carried, the more medical problems, and more medications.  And despite carefully following the instructions of their doctors, these patients got into serious medical straits on a regular basis, because the medications are only a band-aid for the underlying problems.  Rare was the person with multiple medical problems (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease) who was of normal body weight.  In the ER, I could only fix the problem for the moment.  I would see my same patients in crisis over and over again.  And, due to time constraints in the ER, as in my urgent care practice, I just didn't have the time to spend with them, to help them with their underlying problem, excess weight. There had to be a better way!  I decided that I needed to help people for the long term, rather than just keeping them alive through another crisis.

The overweight and obese individuals in this country are treated as though they are weak, lacking in character and self control.  They are discriminated against on every level of society.  This is despite the many attempts many have made over the years to lose weight.  You need to understand that diet failure is not your fault - it is a chronic, disabling, metabolic disease, - REALLY.  Without the proper knowledge, and support from your physician, your chance of LONG-TERM weight control success with the very best of the currently available commercial weight control programs is 5%, maximum.  Physicians have the benefit of medical knowledge, and the ability to prescribe needed medications and supplements not available to you through a commercial, over-the-counter, non-physician run program.  Physicians can monitor your health, prescribe needed medications, diagnose and monitor associated medical conditions (that you probably don't even know you have), and make sure you lose the weight safely.

With a properly supervised, comprehensive treatment plan, you can take control of your health and your life.  It's not that difficult, really!!  Call to find out how we can work together towards your healthier and longer life - safely, effectively, and in a program you'll find remarkably easy and effortless.