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Has your doctor told you that you need to lose weight?

Obesity is a disease, not a failure of will power, and is more common than you may realize. In fact, 68.8% of Americans are overweight or obese!

Yet you don't have to fight this on your own - Doctor's Weight Solutions is here to help you lose weight, regain your health and self-confidence, and to help you learn to live the life you deserve!

With personal attention from the physician, our average first month weight loss is 10.2 pounds! So what are you "weighting" for? Call or e-mail us now to get started!

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Doctor's Weight Solutions provides medical weight loss and weight control (bariatric medicine) in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Call today and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, and let us show you what we can offer you! If you've tried other programs, and briefly succeeded only to regain your weight plus more, or didn't really have much success at all, then this is the place for you!!!

The science of medical weight loss improves on a continual basis as research into the causes of weight gain progresses. The American Society of Bariatic Physicians (ASBP) provides up-to-date information about the newest and best approaches to the treatment of patients who are overweight or obese. As a member of ASBP, Dr. Patterson is committed to staying current with these latest developments.


New! Office appointments via our website! In our efforts to make your experience with Doctor's Weight Solutions more convenient in every way, we have made it possible for you to schedule your office visit via our Calendar page. This and other benefits are yours when you become a Member of our website.. Read More